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Carbide coated turning inserts


Tungsten carbide Turning inserts/ tungsten carbide Parting inserts/Tungsten carbide Milling Inserts

1, high hardness (8~93HRA, equal 69~81 HRC)
2, Good hot hardness (can reach 900~1000°C, keep 60HRC)
3, Excellent wear resistance




Advantages of tungsten carbide inserts:
Increase the cutting speed
Improve production efficiency
Shorten the production cyle


Application of Tungsten carbide inserts :

Suitable for Turning , milling , parting and grooving of hardened steel , grey cast iron , chill cast iron, stainless steel , powder
matellurgy  work piece, thermal spray coating work piece and aluminum ,used for finishing or semi-finishing.
Commonly used models: CNMG, SNMG, TNMG, CCMT, WCMX, DNMG, SNUN, TNGA, etc.




Overview of Carbide Turning Inserts :








Tipical Chipbreaker of Carbide turning Inserts





 Application of carbide Turning inserts







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